Daily news sites

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Do you have English websites that you like to read?  Here are some news sites that are updated daily, maybe one of them will make its way into your bookmarks bar! The Guardian The Independent BBC The New York Times The Los Angeles Times ABC CBC Google News Yahoo News

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Advanced reading activities from the Guardian

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The Guardian is an excellent newspaper which is written at a high level.  They also publish classroom material with reading and vocabulary activites for beginning and advanced students.  Perfect if you want to do some practice exercises after reading, and they have an extremely wide range of topics to choose from.

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Learn and laugh with the news

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The English Blog is a great place to browse lots of news stories and videos with notes from an English teacher.  He updates the site daily with relevant stories and interesting cartoons and videos that show real English in context.  There really is a huge amount of material here (search the categories) as well as a lot of links to webistes for English Language Learners (ELL) and podcasts.

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Natural English explained at UsingEnglish.com

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Using English is particularly useful for its phrasal verb dictionary, idioms dictionary and ask a teacher forum.  They have quizzes about phrasal verbs and if you have any questions they have special forums for phrasal verbs and idioms.  If you’ve heard an expression in a film or read something in a book that you just can’t understand, ask the helpful people at Using English.  I post there sometimes, too!

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