Thank you for the invaluable help you provided. I had just one week to prepare for the test and I'm sure that, with your help, I was able to do much more than those who have been working for months. --Joseph (achieved IELTS Band 8)

Ben’s CAE Tips

I have developed strategies for each part of the Reading, Writing, Use of English, Listening and Speaking sections. My tips will help you find the correct answers quickly, stay focused during the exam and ultimately get the best score possible.

Ben’s IELTS Tips

The IELTS rewards students who understand the questions and think strategically. On the other hand, mistakes can be very costly. With my tips, you can avoid losing any unnecessary points while maximising your score on the Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking tests.

Refine Your Writing

Follow my writing blog and improve your writing for whatever your needs may be. Learn how to write in different styles and situations and how to expand the range of grammatical structures you use.

Better English Blog

CAE Use of English Part 5 detailed tips

Now that you have a strategy for time management during the Use of English section of the exam, let’s look at exactly how to approach part 5.  Remember, this is the only section of the exam where you can get one point even if your answer is not 100% correct (in that case you will get two points).  This...

CAE Use of English time management

The Use of English is a tricky part of the exam and you can improve your score by using good time management.  You have 60 minutes to complete the five parts of this section of the exam.  First, let’s look at how many points are available in each part of this paper: Part 1: 12 questions, 12 points Part...

TV from the UK and USA… unblocked!

I know how difficult it is to find English TV shows online.  If it is on Youtube, you get that horrible message, “Sorry, this content is not available in your area.”  This summer I found an amazing Chrome/Firefox plugin that solves all of your region-blocked problems.  Hola Unblocker is free and easy to use.  Just install the plugin and...

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About Ben

Your personal exams coach

I received my TEFL certificate in Dublin in 2007.   I have taught all levels of students but I have been primarily interested in upper-intermediate and advanced students and exam coaching since 2008.  I have prepared classes and private students for the FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL and CPE.  I am currently pursuing an MA TEFL/TESL from the University of...

A site for independent learners

I am a passionate believer in independent learning.  But this doesn’t mean learning alone.  It means that we choose what is important to us and what we are going to concentrate on and then we find a way to achieve these goals.  And usually, we go to other people for help.  That’s why I made this site, to help...

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