When you receive feedback from me, you will receive more than just a mark.  I will create a private page for you on my site where you will find your overall mark and my general feedback in the areas of content, organisation, register, vocabulary and grammar.

In addition, I will help you improve your writing by making specific contents inside your document.  Using Google Docs, we can have a conversation in the text.  I will comment on an error in your writing, and you can reply to the comment or edit the document and get feedback on your changes.  This will continue until you are satisfied with your writing.  Click on the link in the feedback section below that says Sample Student IELTS Academic Part 2 to try Google Docs for yourself.  You do not need a Google or Gmail account.  You can find more information about Google Docs on the understanding the feedback page.

Here is what your private page will look like (click the button below to show the feedback):

Click here to see sample feedback

Hello Sample Student,

Please click this link to read my feedback on your writing: Sample Student IELTS Academic Part 2  <— Try Google Docs now!

I use abbreviations in the comments, you can see what they mean on this page.

Your mark: 7.5

Good work! You have answered the question well and provided a number of relevant examples. The paragraphs are well-organized and linked efficiently and simply in a way that helps build your argument. Very good understanding and control of the target structure for this type of essay. The errors are very minor and there is almost no effect on communication.

Content: very good

Organization: good (but it is rather long)

Register: very good, formal and consistent throughout

Vocabulary: quite good, I’ve highlighted some of the words and phrases that I particularly like in blue. You might want to watch out for repetition towards the end of your writing (wide range and boundless both appear twice in the last two paragraphs), but this is a very minor issue, especially when you are not repeating simple or common words like big or good.

Grammar: OK, you show an excellent control over verbs and articles and you’ve just made some small mistakes. Some of these might just be typing mistakes. None of the errors cause the reader a problem in understanding your point of view, nor do they indicate any lack of knowledge on your part.

If you haven’t already checked my comments, please do that now: Sample Student IELTS Academic Part 2.  You can reply to the comments and edit this document, all of the changes will be saved automatically and you can download it when you are finished.  Good work and good luck on your exam!