CAE Speaking test

Overall mark: 3 out of 5. Very good! You make a good impression as someone who is a competent communicator and who is comfortable describing or giving opinions about a range of situations. Your vocabulary is excellent, and while there are some grammar errors and moments of unclear pronunciation, I feel your overall performance is good enough for a passing mark.

Communicative effectiveness: This is definitely your strongest area, and as long as you remember what the focus is in the different sections of the test you will get high marks for it. Remember to compare the pictures in part 2 and to ask your partner lots of questions in part 3: try starting part 3 with a question instead of asking to speak first, it will put you on the right track from the beginning.

Pronunciation: Your accent is fine, everyone has one and it is not part of the marking scheme. But there were some words which were not clear and others which were mis-pronounced: see the comments.

Accuracy: Overall it was quite good, although there were rather too many mistakes with have/has. Try to listen for these and if you correct them as you are speaking they are not considered errors (the same way you can correct your writing).
Range: Excellent! A very impressive range of vocabulary especially, and you used a number of different grammar constructions to express your opinions. This is also a very strong area for you! Nice!

You can listen to the recording below and see my comments as you listen. If you put the mouse over one of the tiny pictures of my face in the image of the recording, you can read the comment.  If you click on the words “Adrian CAE,” you can see all of my comments on the Soundcloud page.