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This is a short summary of some style points to keep in mind when attempting the tasks in the Cambridge English: Advanced writing section.


Who is the audience? The audience for this question is usually your boss, a professional group, a school administrator or a group of your peers.

What is the purpose of the writing? You need to summarise information and make a recommendation in a concise and well-organised manner.  Your target audience usually does not have time to read all the information, so it’s important to use headings and bullet points to help them find what they want.

Is it formal? Yes.

Should I use headings or bullet points? Yes.  Your target audience wants to quickly find the information they need in order to make their decision.

How should it start? “The aim of this report is [paraphrase the relevant information from the prompt].”  This sentence will help you get directly to the substance of the report.

How should it finish? Make your recommendation.