Learn vocabulary as you read

There are several websites with reading material designed to help you learn vocabulary.  The Guardian has classroom material for beginning and advanced students, and the BBC has a section in their Learning English site called Words in the News.

Or just read for fun!

You don’t need special activities to improve your level while you read, it happens naturally!  Just read whatever you find interesting!  Here are some good news and opinion sites to get you started:

Intermediate level: short articles written with relatively simple grammar and vocabulary

Orange news Simple news website, check the “quirkies” section for some funny and strange articles.

USA Today Very simple American newspaper.

Advanced level: longer articles with more precise vocabulary and persuasive opinion pieces

The Guardian English newspaper covering everything from local to international news, sports, arts, environment, education and more.

The Times Similar to the Guardian but with a more conservative philosophy.

The New York Times The most prestigious American daily newspaper.

The Los Angeles Times Very high quality writing from the west coast of the USA.

Internet forums: read the news and react to it with native speakers.  Forums are public message boards where people post pictures, questions or links and then other people comment on them.

reddit.com There are many different sub-forums of reddit, look across the very top of the page to see some of the categories.

glocals.com Make an account and start talking to other people who live in and around Geneva about local issues and activities.

What do you read?  Post in the comments!