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This is a short summary of some style points to keep in mind when attempting the tasks in the Cambridge English: Advanced writing section.


Who is the audience? This will be given in the prompt.

What is the purpose of the writing? You are usually giving information or requesting action.  You should be direct and get to the point quickly.

Is it formal? This depends on the audience.

Should I use headings or bullet points? No.

How should it start? “Dear Sir or Madam (if no name is given), I am writing to…”  This is the expected opening of a letter.  First you explain why you are writing, in the next paragraph you explain why you think you should get what you want.

How should it finish? You should clearly re-state your recommendation or desired action in your last paragraph.  This is usually followed by a “I am looking forward to…” statement and “Yours faithfully/Yours sincerely, x.”