Together we can make your writing better

  1. Choose your exam and task.  Use the form below to select the exam and task you want to practice.  More options will appear at the bottom of the form (essay, letter, report, etc.) if there is more than one style of writing in the selected exam.
  2. Read the instructions.  You will immediately be given a link to the page with your writing task.  Please bookmark the page so you can easily return later. This link will also be sent by email.
  3. Complete your writing.
  4. Send your writing to me.   Use the upload and pay page to submit your writing and send your payment of €25.
  5. I will give you a mark and highlight the positives and negatives in your writing.  All areas of your writing will be examined: you will receive specific feedback on the content, organisation, register, vocabulary and grammar.  Then I will make a personal page for you on where we will edit your writing together in an online document.  You can see an example and try the online document for yourself on the sample feedback page.
  6. We will work together so you can learn from your mistakes.  I will find your errors, you correct them and then I will check again.  The process continues until you are 100% satisfied.

If you would like to practice an exam which is not listed below, please send me an email.
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