This is a short summary of some style points to keep in mind when attempting the tasks in the Cambridge English: Advanced writing section. Part 3 of 5, click the buttons to read more about the the different styles of writing you may have to do in the exam:

Essay Email/letter Proposal Report Review


Who is the audience? The audience for this question is usually your boss, a professional group or a school administrator.

What is the purpose of the writing? You are suggesting a solution to a problem.  You need to support your suggestion with factual information and be persuasive.

Is it formal? Yes.

Should I use headings or bullet points? Yes.  Your target audience wants to quickly find the information they need in order to make their decision.

How should it start? Use a very simple title (Proposal for _____).  The first section should describe the problem and the possible solutions.

How should it finish? Make your recommendation.

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