Practice the “long turn” and see how you do

Each of the exams (CAE and IELTS) has a section where you have to talk on your own and answer 2-4 questions within a very short time limit. It is very important to practice this section because there are very specific things that you need to do to get a good mark! I have detailed tips in the strategies section for each exam, but the best way to learn is by actually doing it.

I’ve made sample test tasks for each exam and you can send me your answer using the voice message tool. For €2 I will give your response a mark, for €5 I will give you a mark and record my own message explaining what you did well and what you could improve. Then I will add all of the answers to the Quick speaking test results page so other students can hear the kind of answers that get good, medium or low marks.

Special offer! Because this is a new product, the first three individuals who take the CAE or IELTS quick speaking test will get a mark and feedback for free (normally €5)! 

Simple instructions:

  1. Plug in your microphone.
  2. Choose the exam you would like to practice.
  3. Listen to the instructions and look at the image/images.
  4. Click the “Start Recording” button on the voice message tool (you will need to allow the flash plugin to work, the tool will show you the 2 steps you have to follow) and record your answer. You can listen to your answer and record it again if you like.
  5. Follow the instructions on the tool to send me your recording (your name and email address are required).
  6. Use the form at the bottom of the page to make your payment and request feedback. You must use the same email as your recording so that I mark the correct test!
  7. I will give your feedback within 1-2 working days. I will send it by mail and post it on the Quick speaking test results page.

Choose your test by clicking one of the images below: