This page has two separate tests, so that you can repeat the exercise after you hear my feedback from your first test. Click the tabs below to change between the practice tests.

Don’t forget to check my tips for the CAE speaking test!

Listen to the instructions and look at the pictures (if they are too small, click on them and they will open in a new window). Then click the “Start recording” button and allow the plugin to use your microphone (follow the instructions on the player, it requires a click in the player and a click in your browser’s menu bar). You must talk for at least 60 seconds and the examiner will stop you after 90 seconds, there is a timer on the voice recorder which you can use. When you are finished, use the form below to request a mark and/or feedback. Good luck!

  • Why might these people be talking to each other?
  • How might they be feeling?

CAE_QST_1_1  CAE_QST_1_2  CAE_QST_1_3

  • What aspects of train travel do these pictures show?
  • How might the people be feeling?

CAE_QST_2_1  CAE_QST_2_2  CAE_QST_2_3

Now record your answer:

Now that you’ve recorded your test, how do you want me to mark it? Do you just want to know your score? Or would you also like a recorded message explaining what was good and what you can improve? Use the form below to request your feedback.

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