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In TEA SIG, we are interested in all aspects of testing, exams and assessment; from exam writing to exam preparation. We are very pleased to be welcoming Dr ____ and Dr _____ to PD Day in Sargans, who will be presenting on the topics of assessing speaking and fairness in exams for young learners. Please look over the rest of our page for more information about upcoming events and important reference sources in our field.


Upcoming TEASIG events

6 May 2015, 6pm CET: IATEFL TEASIG Webinar

Text difficulty and item development: practical considerations for teachers who test

This webinar will look at the relationship between the difficulty of reading texts and test items related to them, with particular reference to a new kind of reading item and some of the studies which have been conducted on it. The session will be conducted from the perspective of classroom teachers working with texts and tests, and will look at a number of different approaches, which any classroom teacher can carry out, for evaluating text difficulty and considering its relationship to item difficulty.


12 September 2015: ETAS Professional Development Day in Sargans


Our speakers – many of them with an international background – are eager to share their expertise with you. Come and enjoy a day full of learning and professional exchange in the inspiring company of English teachers, authors, and workshop presenters. Our range of over 30 workshops organised by our Special Interest Groups (SIG) surely offers something for your teaching needs and interests.
This year’s PD Day sees the introduction of a new SIG into our organisation. Its aim is to bring together the diversity of English language teachers and English language teacher educators from all cantons.


Check back regularly to learn about more upcoming TEA SIG events in Switzerland or online!


Testing, Exams and Assessment reference points

Cambridge Exams preparation: click here for official preparation material for all Cambridge exams
IELTS preparation and registration: visit the British Council’s IELTS website to find everything you need to prepare for and take the test
ETS: this should be your first stop for information about the TOEFL or TOEIC exams
How to teach for Exams by Sally Burgess and Katie Head: With exam success becoming more and more crucial, How to Teach English for Exams offers: a guide to all the major international English language exams; information on how to keep up-to-date with changes to these exams; techniques, strategies and skills to develop student confidence; and advice on planning and selecting materials for an exams course.


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If you have any questions about TEA SIG, or you would like to become a member, please contact Neil Bullock, the TEA SIG coordinator.