OK, your homework this week is to record two good responses for speaking test part 2. The tool for recording is easy to use, just click “Start recording”, then allow access to your microphone, and click stop when you’re done. You can play the recording again (so you can make sure it’s a good answer) before you send it to me. You have to enter your name and email address but I’m the only one that will see them, the plugin doesn’t capture your data. Use the images that I have linked, you can print them or just have them in a different window. Remember to answer the questions and that the examiner will stop you after about a minute (I think 1:15 is the maximum you can take). I’ll listen to your answers and send you some feedback.

Here is your first set of images, they show people who are laughing. I’d like you to compare two of the images, and say what you think the relationships between the people are, and why they are laughing. All right?

Here is your next set of images, they show people learning a new skill. I’d like you to compare two of the pictures, and say why people want to learn skills like these, and how difficult these skills might be to learn. All right?